watercolor board book for our toddler

This past weekend I worked on cleaning out part of the garage. Well really, just two big boxes that I had from college. I found all sorts of things (a later post). One thing in particular I was quite excited about was all the leftover mat board from my gum bichromate framing. My mind started thinking to what Camille (who simply loves to create) and I could do using these mats.

I went ahead and gave her a sheet of mat board and she painted both sides (in the morning and then in the afternoon when the one side was dry): After the entire print dried (the next day), I used a mat cutter and cut 5X5 inch squares. If you don’t have a mat cutter, I used to use a simple utility knife up against a metal ruler, to cut these straight lines. After cutting the lines I clamped the squares together and drilled 3 holes. I also pinched the pages together with my fingers close to each hole I was drilling so there was less movement. After I was done drilling, I separated the book in half as though the book was opened for reading. Using a yarn needle, I threaded yarn through each hole twice and then knotted them. Here is the books before any pictures are added: Next I printed off pictures of our family (grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins) and double taped them in. I think I’m going to give each page a thin coat of mod podge, just to keep the pictures extra secure for little hands. This little book is for Noah & now a Christmas secret between Cami and me. Its fun to have a secret with your four year old, especially when your two year old doesn’t care what you are excitedly whispering about across the table.

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  1. Little treasures — that’s what you’ve made. Oh and it is that secret-keeping time of year. Even teenagers get into the excitement.

  2. Thank you Erin! I might have an idea what to do for pop at Christmas! Glad the pics we sent turned out!

  3. Erin this whole project is simply precious! I love that Cami is old enough to make something for Noah and to keep a secret…so so so sweet!

  4. utterly gorgeous and creative!!!!

  5. I wanted to let you know that you won the Nova Naturals giveaway on Praying for Parker.com.

    Shoot me you mailing addy and I’ll forward it on to Nova Naturals!


    Tammy and Parker

  6. Those are fabulous! Creative and beautiful, as is everything you share here!

  7. Cute idea! That is so cool Erin. The book looks so beautiful too.

  8. I love this idea! I know a sweet little baby who might enjoy a book like this. What a fun project!

  9. What a great idea….and they are beautiful! You are so very clever….I love how your mind works! :)

  10. This is such a perfect idea! I love it!

    I am going to encourage The Offspring to make each other a gift this season. They are in charge of all grandparent types, but tend to forget each other.

  11. a wonderful idea! they are beautiful, too! ;)

  12. Totally fun to have a secret with your four year old. What fun creating christmas gifts together!! This is a wonderful todler gift idea I may have to use for my little guy! Thanks as always for your crafting inspiration.


  13. this is so pretty and crafty.
    What a great treasure ;)

  14. Oh man this is such a cute idea! I was planning on making a family photo album for my son for Christmas this year just using a small photo book, but I just love this watercolor mat idea!

  15. Such a lovely idea.

  16. This is stunning! What a beautiful idea, my babies would love this!

  17. absolutely gorgeous! I take the idea;)

  18. what a great idea! Noah will love getting it for Christmas

  19. LOVE! What a totally cute idea!

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