Lots to catch up on that’s been happening lately… Fun events with Chris’ ship (necklace by 31 Bits), Camille out of school, new shirt designs and lots of summertime fun to name a few! Hope you are enjoying your days as much as we are!

(and for those who have asked, not much new on the adoption front… still waiting…learning patience)

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  1. Great photos! I picked up a new tee at Kitsch especially for me… the camper one. We haven’t camped in three years, since my last surgery, and the tee was a wonderful way to celebrate an upcoming camping trip! Thanks for what you do!

    • Hi Donna, I LOVE Kitsch, so happy you like the camper tee, and glad you are getting to go camping soon. :)

  2. It looks like you are keeping busy while in this waiting period. I am loving that shirt!

  3. it looks like a whole lotta fun stuff. I love that picture of you and Chris. :)

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