Noah turns 5!

Its hard to believe, but two weeks ago we celebrated Noah turning five. I’m amazed at who this little man is, and grateful for all the laughter and joy he brings into the house.

Here are a few pictures from the day.
a five year old's birthday

sweet smiles

driving the fire engine

loved the fire truck

the cake, courtesy of aunt katie

the back

blowing out his candles

opening gifts

We made it a family celebration this year starting right when he woke up in the morning! Noah’s requests were simple. Me: “What do you want for your birthday?” Noah counting on his fingers: “party hats, balloons, a birthday cake, and presents.”

Chris was able to set him up to tour a firetruck in the late morning. The three of them were even taken for a ride and the fireman turned on the siren for a brief minute. Seriously, Noah was in high heaven!

After lunch my sisters came and we took the family to a little waterpark on base (which I forgot both my camera and phone to take any pics). My younger sister and Chris asked the lifeguards if Noah could go on the big swirly slides. They said if he could swim. Well, I wouldn’t call Noah a swimmer… he’s more like a floater that can wave his arms and legs and keep himself from drowning… but they convinced me it would be OK and I watched. Chris kept telling me “He’s a five year old now”, like that was supposed to convince me. Well, Noah loved the big huge swirly slide and went down it about ten times.

We then came home and had cake made by my amazing older sister. A week or so before Noah’s birthday I made the mistake of asking Noah in front of Cami (who likes everything handmade) if I should make the cake or if we could get a cool animal one from a local amazing bakery called Flour Child. Cami said “Noah, you definitely want mommy to make your cake.” Thankfully, Katie stepped in while I was over my head with boxes and work and said she’d make it. I’m not a huge cake fan, especially when it doesn’t have chocolate, but this was pretty much the most amazing.cake.ever. Leave it to my sister, everything she makes is fantastic.

We all ate the amazing cake and Noah opened presents! It was a perfect day, and Noah LOVED it. He thanked us and told us it was the best birthday. What a sweet little guy, he truly lights up our lives.

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  1. Happy 5th Noah! Time flies. . .

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