reflecting on ten.

restoring old photos

August Twenty-Third Two Thousand and Three
A new life began for you and for me.

Just two kids, a girl and a guy
We jumped in feet first
With rosy glasses on our eyes

The rose started to fade as time passed by
And I continued to fall deeper in love with this guy

With seven moves complete
And within this next year two more,
Our life could hardly be called a bore.

All these years later, we still lose time talking forever
Dreaming our dreams and what is our next endeavor

We’ve had mostly laughs
With one or two crazy fights
A couple of frowns
And some awesome date nights

August Twenty-Third Two Thousand Thirteen
A new chapter in our lives we are embarking

But now with a little age and (soon) three kids in tow
Our lives are much richer and I’m glad this is so

Your sense of humor, your quick wit and jokes
They keep things quite easy, when life just doesn’t seem so.
You return me to center when times are quite crazy!
And remember my favorite flower is a gerber daisy.

Today we will spend hours packing,
Exhausted and tired, yet smiling and happy,
Reflecting on the past ten years and looking forward to many more,
With you by my side, there’s certainly an abundance in store.

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  1. Congratulations Erin! I discover we continue to have quite a bit in common, we were married a day earlier. . .

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