Her First Birthday.

September 3rd we celebrated Lainey’s first birthday. Honestly, it most likely isn’t the actual day she was born. We’ll never know that specific day or the conditions that she was born in. I won’t know what went through her birth mother’s mind as she placed Lainey in that taxi at two months of age. Whether it was with tears in her eyes, hoping that someone would discover this sweet girl soon. We know very little of Lainey’s story. But because she was abandoned, we had the ability to chose her birthday. Her estimated age is so close to my mom’s birthday, who Lainey is also named after that it fit more than perfectly.

Celebrating Lainey's 1st Birthday

Last year when we received our referral, I was certain that we’d have little Lainey by now. This year, we chose to celebrate with cupcakes and getting her a little bear. Chris found it on our adventures about, and thought it was the most snuggley bear that you’ve ever felt. I hope that she loves it and can’t wait to give it to her. The day after her birthday we received an updated photo of Lainey. It was bittersweet, as my heart just yearns to have her with us forever. This isn’t easy, but we know in the end it will all be worth it.

our sweet 1 year old.

If you follow along on my blog or if you have been researching Congo adoptions, you may notice I’ve pulled down a lot of my posts about our adoption. Recently, I felt a little timid about what I share. Things in the Congo seem to constantly be changing, so while I am sharing again about our little love, I do it guardedly and decided the timeline I’ll keep off permanently. I appreciate so much the encouragement and support people have had for our journey, and thank you for understanding.

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  1. we are right there with you erin! hoping that she is in your arms soon.

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