pockets for africa!

cami and a pocket

cami taking a break from her cassette recording to model a pocket for me.

A year and a half ago, I made some pockets for Lori to take with her on her trip to Africa. Cami and Noah loved the pockets I made for them, so I filed it away as something I wanted to do for Lainey’s orphanage when we travelled to bring her home.

Fast forward to NOW!

Everything is happening so quickly and we might be traveling in a little more than TWO (max four) WEEKS!

Our GirlTWO weeks! I can’t believe I may actually be holding my little girl!

So I started knitting away! Trying to calculate how many of these I can get done on a flight to congo. I know its quick, but anyone who’d like to donate a pocket or two. You’d need to mail it off by the end of next week to assure that I’d receive it. These knit up really fast… and not to leave out those who crochet, my friend Kristi from Needles ‘n Knots created a pattern for you to follow. You can comment below or email me if you’d like to donate! I will be filling these with snacks and small toys. If you don’t knit or crochet, but would like to donate formula, snacks or small toys. We will be filling our suitcase with as many donations as we can. I spoke with my agency and she told me that there is about 80 kids at Lainey’s orphanage (pictured below). Chris and I are intending at least two of our four suitcases to be donations.


80 pockets in 2 weeks.
Baby Girl in TWO WEEKS!!

I won’t be posting while I’m over there. Just soaking up time with our little girl, but I’ll be sure to share all about our trip when we get back.

I’m linking the patterns below for knitting and crocheting.
Knitting: Lori Times Five
Crochet: Needles n’ Knots

little treasures

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  1. Awesome E!!

  2. Grace Lawrence says:

    Oh Erin, I am so incredibly excited for you all!! Reading your post and imagining you both holding your precious Lainey Love in a few short weeks just fills me with joy! :) I wish I could knit, but I will donate anything else you may need!! Please let me know how I can help!

  3. Yay!!! I would love to be able to contribute. When is the date they need to be in your hands? I don’t want to miss out. Wow! I am sooooo excited!!! Please email me howdenjoyce@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  4. Wonderful news! I would love to knit some, but they will not reach you in time. . . I also still owe you a photo with our Babe and her special shirt. . .

  5. Erin I sent you my package yesterday! Woo hoo!

  6. Woo hoo

  7. Hi! I bought one of your onsies a year ago for my sister. I just returned here to find your story – congratulations! I looked through a few of your posts but i was hoping you wouldn’t mind letting me know what you call the method that you use for the printing on the shirts? I was going to buy some but I see you’ve postponed the store and I got the idea now to make my own :). LOVE, lauren

  8. You’ve waited so long! So excited for all of you!

  9. Erin, I cannot believe I haven’t come by your space in several months and look what has happened! How are you? Where are you? I am assuming you are now a family of 5 living in Gabon? Please share an update. I hope all is well. Warmly, Nicola

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