Round Trip Airfaire to the Congo

We’ve been blessed everywhere we’ve lived to meet and become friends with absolutely wonderful people. Wonderful hearts, amazing personalities, and true individuals. We love the making of friends part of being in the military. Virginia Beach was no exception. We made sweet friends that we hold dear to our hearts. A week ago today we said goodbye to our small group, who we love like family.

Congo tickets for two!

Before we headed out, my friend Grace handed me a card from the group. They had all pitched in together and gave us enough money to cover our trip to pick up Lainey from the Congo!!! So much love for us and our baby girl. I was a crying mess, words simply can’t explain how special their gift is to us!

I’m sure I haven’t shared all the different people and ways that we’ve received the funds for our adoption (there are many), but they seem to come together at just the perfect time.

I pray that we have the chance to share Lainey with these dear people.

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.” William Shakespeare

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  1. That is an amazing gift!! I would have been a blubbering mess!

  2. True friends and a great community, it must be so difficult to leave them behind! Such an amazing gift. I hope you can soon hold your little girl. . .

  3. Blessings are everywhere! I am so glad for you! Have a safe trip.

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