We Have a VISA Appointment!

OH YES! We have an appointment!!

A little over a week ago, Chris called me and this was the conversation:

Chris: “How’s your day going?”
Me: “Great”
Chris: “Why is it great?”
Me: “Well the kids and I are going out for a fun lunch.”
Chris: “Have you checked your email?”
Me: “Yes, why?”
Chris: “Did you get a good one?”
Me: “What do you mean good, who did you get an email from? Is it about Lainey?”
Chris: “I’ll forward it to you, and call you back.”

We were in the car and I obviously had to pull over. Before my email refresh started to cycle on my phone I was trying to talk myself down to not my hopes up, as it has happened so much since we started this process over two years ago, but it was already too late for that. And then I saw it. The email that states our daughter has a visa interview in October. I started laughing and crying all at once. My heart was racing a mile a minute and even now when I think about that precious little girl that I love so much and have cried tears many days as I watch her grow up in pictures, she has a visa appointment.

While I was freaking out and calling my mom, Cami, just as excited, worked away on this little note and asked me to send it right away!
excitement all aroundYeah, we are all pretty stoked. Cami was smiling her kid smile with that new missing front tooth. Oh, my she melted me with that note.

We all went out that night to celebrate, and Chris and I couldn’t stop smiling, like little kids. It’s happening, it.is.happening. We are so grateful. And while we are grateful and celebrating, I am aware that there are families, who I’ve met through this process, that have been waiting just as long if not longer than us to bring their little ones home and there are families that have just started this long wait. The adoption process (International or Domestic) isn’t easy and I’m praying these children are united with their families soon!

Right now while there is much going on (like our move to Gabon in February), you can bet that there is a spring in my step and some day dreaming about my baby girl… and a dance party (or two)! DRC style…

Sweet Lainey, we are coming and we can’t wait!
Our Girl

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  1. this made me cry and laugh too! I am over the moon excited and overjoyed for you and Lainey Love!!

  2. ERIN!!!! Oh my goodness!!! Rejoicing with you over this AMAZING news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so excited for you. I hope this means she’ll be home soon. :)

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